He has spent the majority of his adult life in the upper echelons of Whiteness. In hospitals and in social circles with White doctors, etc. Many doctors his age tend to be Republican (because they are pro business, lower taxes) which helps their pocketbooks. They teach each other how to not pay taxes, and they detest anyone beneath them. He has exhibited he’s exactly like Trump. For many White people in the top career fields and top economic brackets in America, cronyism is a way of life. Carson became is environment, and he made a complete ass of himself (which I am not opposed to). Nothing to bring a man down to the ground like life.

He thought he knew it all because he was a neurosurgeon. All he did was show how ignorant (and paid for) he really is. He was his Master’s tool. An Uncle Ben. Carson is a complete and utter fool who will never be able to recover from attaching himself to Trump. Not that Black people fooled with him anyway, but people did consider him a success story to show the world Black folks are as smart (if not smarter) than Whites who have used false doctrines and flawed, bias studies to label, steal opportunities, and oppress Black people in America.

He chose his poison. May Whiteness bless his evil,ignorant soul.

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