He reminds me a lot of an addict (he is an addict addicted to sex with young girls). I used to go to Al Anon when my father was battling his addiction and I learned his growth was stunted from the time he began drinking in his teens. He behaved in a way when he was angry that was extremely juvenile and it reminded me a lot of how R. Kelly reacted in his video.

We all used to sit around and look at my dad like WTF? Why is he acting this way. All my life we wondered what that was about.

It wasn’t until he was 60, had lost his business, had a DUI, had been arrested, and was in treatment that we discovered how his growth was stunted from the trauma he endured during his childhood. If you don’t deal with your trauma, it will manifest itself. R. Kelly’s family has a lot of secrets. His community ignored him and let him roam free instead of stopping him. All these people allowed this monster to grow to the thing it is today. That dude is sick. He has been used, and he has used. He needs to be put away and treated, but he is likely not able to be rehabilitated. I think it’s good he is showing himself to the world. We need to recognize our evils — there are many more out here we need to turn in.

R. Kelly can’t hide who he really is. I’m sure his mental illness is likely uncontrollable now. The older you get, the worse it gets.

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