Hello My New Friend David,

I am fully aware when life is conceived, but what gives them (men) the right to tell women (the ones who carry and have children) that deciding to have an abortion is right or wrong.

MEN are controlling our bodies. They don’t care for kids. They care about abortion, but don’t care about how kids not aborted are treated in foster care, groups homes or in the child welfare system after their saved.

In any event, I’m not here to argue about Pro-Life or abortion. I used to Christian, and now I don’t believe anything because people behave so terribly who are religious. Where is God when his people are acting a fool, and why doesn’t he stop them if he knows everything? If they are created in his image, then does this mean he acts like them?

All three groups of men were claiming they were acting within the rights to practice their religion. But look at how they were acting. That’s all I’m saying. They acted like people who didn’t have any religion (the kids, the Black militant religious group, and to some extent the Native group). The Native group could have simply moved on and not intervened. The story would have been differently. His religion motivated him to try to break the two groups up. But who was the largest religious group there of the three? The Catholics. While it may be money that caused these kids to act so terribly, the reason they were even in Washington from the onset was because of their religious beliefs and their belief they have the right to infringe upon my right to have an abortion if I felt I couldn’t care for a child properly, if I had a medical condition, etc.

How many kids are abused in orphanages globally. Nobody knows or really cares. Just stick the kids in an orphanage and pat yourselves on the back. Having lived in a few, I think those people who are pro-life should live in an orphanage or foster home to see what life is like when you “save” most kids. It’s a flawed argument and a religious one unfair to unwanted kids and women forced to have them.

I don’t mean that all religion is bad. It’s a behavior modification method which is a useful tool in any civilized society. There are many things I take away from religion and apply to my life that are good. But I realize too it’s a form of mind control, and as you said their are fanatics and bad apples in and outside of religious sects. The problem is you expect the world to be terrible, that’s why you separate yourself from it if you join organized religion. You’re not supposed to act like the world under the name of your specific religion.

I look at this particular situation and can see the connection of how religion (and testosterone) caused these individuals to act badly. I’m not man bashing, it’s what I see with my own eyes.

They all thought they were right and telling the other outside of their religious group they were wrong. Men doing what they’ve done for ages. If you don’t know how to protest peacefully, you probably shouldn’t do it, and if you don’t respect the rights of others, you shouldn’t expect someone to respect your rights or your opinion.

I think the issue here is that some people will tell you you didn’t see what you actually saw, and redefine what you see to give cover to plain old bad behavior.

So, we will likely disagree about the religious aspect of my thought, but I can politely agree to disagree lol. I’m still appreciative of your viewpoint though, and the kind way you share it.

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