Hello somebody! I recall telling a White “liberal" political writer on Medium about his blindspot on race and how his views were missing the big picture of how White Nationalism, White Privilege and White apathy got us here. He was dismissive, continuing to push his point ignoring my warnings.

And here we are.

White people are nearly always on the wrong side of racial issues because they are incapable of seeing the biases and flaws within themselves and those who look like them. They refuse to be told anything from anyone they subconsciously consider inferior. Their fragility prevents them from receiving criticism.

White Supremacists are everywhere indeed, and there are as many liberal pro-Whites as there are conservative White nationalists. I would say we (Blacks) are uniquely qualified to understand this because we’ve been trained by the ancestors on knowing our Whites. So many of us know our Whites.

What we don’t talk about enough are the POC acting as pillars for White Supremacy. They too often get gold passes to be as evil and anti-Black as White White Supremacists. I’m seeing it alot as White Nationalism rises in America. POC are aligning themselves strategically with White Supremacy, even with other POC groups. They too are White Supremacists. Their skins just aren’t White.

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