Help, I’m Here Desperately Waiting For You

Help, she’s here desperately waiting for you.

A young working mother desperately seeking help with childcare so that she can provide for her family, ends up arrested because some chose to call the police instead of offering her and her baby a folding chair.

Instead of having just one problem, someone decided she needed to have three more. Instead of getting a childcare voucher, she got a beat down, her child taken, and a trip to jail. What’s wrong with humanity? Where is our decency? We can’t trust our help? It’s a crime to be poor.

Help, he’s here desperately waiting for you.

A young ex-offender is released from jail or prison and is ready to turn his life around but is unable to get a job because America has deemed is social security number and criminal background unworthy of supporting himself. He tries over and over again, going to employer after employer, program after program, only to receive closed doors. His fines are piling up, and he’s unable to make restitution. The doors of the jailhouse are awaiting his return. Free slave labor awaits.

Help, she’s here desperately waiting for you.

An employer laid-off a faithful, hardworking employee of 30 years one-year ago. She’s too young to retire, too old to really compete with young folks for a new job. Ageism is a new ism in her life. She has young kids ready to enter college soon. There was no severance pay, she has to make her own way. They sent her to school to re-train, but it’s a 2-year stint.

She lives in a rural area. There are no new job prospects nearby. No one is coming to rural America. Jobs are shipped overseas.

Her mortgage is behind, and she can’t get it refinanced or modified. She’s at risk of losing her car because she can’t make payments on weekly unemployment payments. For the first time in her life, she’s seeking public assistance to feed her family. She’s seeking employment but gets turned down because her credit score deems her unworthy to work. She has money issues, due to no fault of her own, a employers won’t allow her a chance to fix her issues.

How does she ever get out of the hole America has placed in her path?

Help, we’re here desperately waiting for you.

We have the worst old, racist con-artist tyrant leading what will likely be called the most corrupt American administration ever! He fleeced a few, but he’s punishing a-many. He has a mess of followers who have been hypnotized and memorized with his bullshit and lies like the Third Reich. We have a nation of representatives how are lying down on the job, fending for themselves, White privilege and the White power they feel they are entitled to.

The greedy, first-class Kleptocracy is cheating us out of our hard-earned tax dollars to feed themselves, while they cut programs education programs for youth and college students, LGBTQ services, child welfare, ensuring we stay down. They are stifling our voices by preventing some of us from voting, inciting their followers to kill some of us, all while the ringleader of the criminal enterprise now called America stomps on the Constitution disobeying our laws.

Funny how we’re a nation of laws until it’s time for the lawmakers to obey them and be punished by them. We see the hypocrisy, we see the unfairness, but there is nothing we can do about it. We need a supernatural power to come through and detox our safe spaces. Living ain’t supposed to be like this. Why won’t our leaders protect us? Why can’t they help us?

Help, they’re here desperately waiting for you.

They applied for DACA, but the rug has been pulled from underneath them. These poor folks are living in limbo and in shadows, fearing a knock on the door from ICE. America is supposed to be the land of the free, a refuge for immigrants, but the game has changed now. These immigrants have been tossed aside for the next breaking news story, their status in jeopardy every day. Where is their they asked for?

Help, they’re here desperately waiting for you.

Foster children are being locked up like criminals for running away from their non-forever foster homes. Instead of looking at the system they are running from, the answer is to punish the orphan already lost, distressed and abandoned. Children are getting arrest/criminal records for simply something that’s not a crime. What’s wrong with the world? Why do we have this industrial prison complex? Why do we criminalize being poor and orphaned? And why do Americans tolerate it?

Why is it so hard to make it here in America? It seems cheaters always win, and there is never any straps on the boots to pull yourself up. Why don’t we do a better job of looking our for one another?

Where is our help?

Help, I’m here waiting on you. You feel like all hype but see no helping hand. I’m losing hope. Your light is dim. Help seems to only come for the wealthy and well-connected.

Help seems to always be AWOL for people who need it the most. Humanity needs to do better.

Marley K., 2018

Written by

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