Hey Jake,

Thank you for getting EVERYTHING❤️ . I really appreciate it, it makes me feel good when someone can see the entire picture. I’m sorry about your mother. I’m sorry Trump has been able to appeal to so many people. I’m sorry she’s revealed racist views. I’m sure it’s disheartening. You’re right. Many people just won’t admit they believe America was better when Black and Brown people were in their places, in the back, separated, segregated, unequal and harmed. The beautiful thing is no matter what they think they mean, we know what they mean.

We’re not fooled, and we are going to do whatever we can to protect ourselves from the train wreck headed our way. MAGA people are going to learn just like the Germans did about Hitler. I hope the world doesn’t sit back idly and allow Americans to treat otherness inhumanely.

If we don’t deal with our biases, we are going to stay a nation living in the past. Understanding privilege is an absolute necessity.

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