Hey James!!!!!!

You sure have your hands full with your dad. I live in Florida so I see seniors unprotected every day. I was thinking of buying a box and sharing with seniors when I see they aren’t wearing their masks. It’s hard to get stuff like that and many are trying to be independent which is cool except when we’re living through the bubonic plague. I’m glad your dad has you. Many people aren’t aware their older parents and grandparents are out being busy, uncovered.

I think we’re all dealing with dark feelings. I would be lying to say that I didn’t. The fear of not being in control of my life and movements are part of the cause, but not being able to do the things that give me joy like go outside, walk, or go to the beach is taxing. When we try to go outdoors in the back yard, our old, retired, kinda pervy neighbor is peeping over, pretending to pick up palm frawns or he needs to clean the pool when we get in ours. No privacy. I can’t wait to get to whatever our new normal is. At least where we can go outside. If we don’t get rid of Trump though, I’m afraid the new normal will be a lot worse. Send you my best and please stay safe. People really aren’t thinking about the well being of others right now. The safest place is at home. Thanks for taking good care of dad, that’s a hard job. Love ya and keep doing good for the LGBTQ family.

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