HEY MY SISTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed you. I hope you’re well. I’m glad you’re back.

Local BLM chapters is where we should be plugged into. I compare the National BLM to the national Red Cross, the national Goodwill or the national YMCA. The money rarely trickles down. It’s a sham. Color of Change (to me) is like Move On.org. They just ask for money. Bunches of White people sending out bunches of emails doing nothing but electing bunches of White women and hiring lots of POC staff. I see them and don’t see them. They used to have photos of leadership and staff up, but they probably took them down because they know they use stock photos to perpetrate the myth of diversity.

As for the Poor People’s Campaign, I think it’s really good, just not for this moment. You can’t be nice with this kind of evil. You can’t pray it away. You can’t save people with that kind of fighting. We don’t have the time to wait on the conversion of racist hearts. We can’t afford to wait on the gatekeepers of White Supremacy to get it. We are literally on the cusps of a war and marching won’t work. Not like this. PPC is good, grassroots work, but our political system is rigged in such a way that it renders such work ineffective. Both parties aid in the ineffectiveness.

It’s like putting band aids on cancer.

But we still must try. So we cannot give up. We must take the small victories as they come, and hope grace will keep and protect us. It’s going to get worse before it gets better Sis. Trust me.

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