Hey Robert,

Happier Next Year [maybe]!!! Well, I don’t know if our youth will be able to do it because the old guard refuses to turn loose the reigns to allow another generation to fix their messes. When you look at Congress, it’s basically a nursing home. There is no reason any of those people should still be working. They are greedy and power tripping, which prevents young people from actually getting anything done. The next crop of “waiting their turns” are my age (40–60 years old) and they are groomed to take the gavels next.

At a local level it’s the same thing. Old people on the school boards and state legislatures. Also predominantly White and male. That theme seems to never die. As you’ve noted White Supremacy evolves at lightening speed, and it has a way of always monitoring who it allows into the group. It appears this election cycle the White Democrats and non-Black POC Dems have inducted Hispanics into White privilege by giving them key positions in the Biden Administration, meaning they are ready to indoctrinate a new class of racism and broaden their White POC coalition.

They’ll soon learn many Hispanics are more conservative than Blacks and they won’t get the ROI they hoped for. I soon see another party switch or a third political party coming soon. Black folks and young folks are tired of White Supremacy and traditionally conservative America. One driver may be that an entire generation of young people may not be able to leave their parents homes for more than a decade because the economy will likely implode.

I don’t think the youth will be able to fix anything without getting into the system and the system is broken. It’s built flawed. Once you become a part of the system, you become a part of the problem. People are addicted to power and I hardly see anyone getting in and moving on until they can’t win anymore or unless their is a bully like Trump they fear and they know they can’t stand up to him/her.

The youth will fix America when America collapses, but without the survival skills our generation have, I don’t know if they’ll be able to withstand all the hardships necessary to rebuild. There are some tried and true things that never change, and this tech savvy generation lacks some basic, common sense sometimes to get things done. They know everything already, yet don’t know history.

I don’t trust they’ll get far because White Supremacy will just whip out something old young bucks don’t know about and wa-lah….it’s back in business and young-uns won’t know what hit them.

America is going to have to fail up!

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