Hey Sis,

I'm glad you've picked up some hobbies and found ways to minimize the stress of the last few years. I had a sewing hobby for 5 minutes, then homeschooling happened and took up my sewing table lol.

I tune out the news every now and then, but I feel the big whammy is coming and the White media isn't going to interpret it the right way. White folks wouldn't know a coup if it slapped them upside the head just like they don't know about racism. I wanna know when the bad, bad is coming.

Everything else you've written, we're on the same page. I have zero patience for White people's bullshit as well. I blame them for everything. Everything.

I have started supporting more Black entrepreneurs online. I don't have anymore room for stuff, but if they have something else I can invest in or if they have a Venmo or Paypal, I give as well. I try to give to food banks more often because I know there are millions of babies that won't eat without it.

I'm trying to get my mental health together. My mind never rests. I won't rest until America gets justice for us. I don't believe they will. They love the legacies of White men.

Well, take care mama. We are all we got, and it's been hard but we can't let our guards down. The other shoe is going to drop the closer it gets to Jan 20th. Be safe and be ready.

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