Hey Sis! Thank you so much and thank you for the apology although I want to say I did not interpret your. My last piece opened my eyes to how many people who don’t see a connection between being an asshole and remnants of Jim Crow. America needs the same type of national education on slavery and the Holocaust Europeans receive. They know more about our racism and dysfunction than we do. We are a mess. We have a bunch of people acting a certain way with no idea why they behave the way they do. It’s alarming.

I do agree with you that there are some really rude people in the world who are just ugly people on the inside, to everyone, and they don’t discriminate lol. But many White people (and White-passing people) have learned their hand me down disrespect, and they need to come to terms with it. The only way we are going to progress and trust each other is if we start dealing with the remnants of White Supremacy that we cannot kill and that will not die. I would like at least one generation of my offspring not to have to receive “the talk.”

I’d never disrespect you, because I know you are about the ally life. You’re respectful. You contribute. You learn from us. You hear us, and you respect us. You stand up for us online and on the streets, and I love you for it.

Buy Our Human Family’s “Field Notes For Allyship, Achieving Equality Together,” the new tool for allies available at Amazon.com| I 🖤 www.ko-fi.com/marleyk

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