Hi Alexis,

I appreciate your feedback. I think our country’s values suck. Capitalism sucks. Our Educational system sucks. Our Political systems suck. Poverty sucks. Ignorant and lazy people suck. (I say ignorant and lazy people suck because instead of doing their own research into whether something is good for all or good for some, ignorant folks will believe a lying politician before their fellow man saying don’t do that because in 20-25 years the impact to us all, in these various ways, will be X, X, and X.)

In America (that’s where I live), there are three groups who control all of these systems. Rich people, White men, and our rulin. class, White people. Our nation was founded on theft and inequality, and it does what it can to disguise that fact. People too lazy to discover the truth about America will be ignorant.

We have access to more information and history than we’ve ever had in the history of mankind, and many people still don’t know what’s going on in the world. Our nation has always been racist. It’s used as a caste system to decide who rules, who is cared for, who is educated, and in the end who gets out of poverty. Unfortunately poor White people are looked down upon here, and they believe being racist helps them be in the majority/ruling class. What they don’t realize is they are harming themselves and others.

Race here is used as a class system. If you study what happened to slaves after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed in America when it comes to how Blacks were treated, perhaps it will add some context to many of my statements. I am only 2 generations removed from slavery. Our Civil Rights Act of 1964 gave Black the right to vote. That’s just 56 short years ago. My father got the right to vote without harrassment after the Holocaust. Let this sink in for a moment.

I think many people are missing the bigger picture about how long Black bodies have been policed or or governed by codes like Jim Crow, Slave Codes, Black Laws, and the Civil Rights Act of 1866. White people in America have always had a right to mistreat us. We just never had the power, opportunity, or privilege of speaking out about it. The internet, at least for now, has given us an outlet to discuss how we are treated individually and collectively. To be an asshole in America to us is a privilege Black people don’t usually have. Not without extreme risks or retaliation anyway.

It’s not that we’re saying all White people are racist. It’s they act racistly and it’s in our national DNA. To be anti-Black, overtly or covertly, is American. So is casually mistreating Black people with nice, polite racism and repackaging it as being an asshole. I’m almost 50, grew up in the Jim Crow South, and I know a lot of assholes of both genders and races. They just have bad ettiqute and were raised as brats. But there are some things in America that only White and White passing do that can’t be denied, as if they get a kick out of exerting whatever White skin game leverage they have so they can feel good about themselves (i.e. White women refusing to move in the grocery store or on sidewalks). Only White people do that to us in America. We’re trying NOT to get near them because historically their cries for help have had deadly consequences for us, even if they over exaggerate or outright lie. Some of this rude behavior comes from ingrained “Gone with the Wind” antebellum throwback shit they’ve picked up from reading all the fairytales as kids, learned in charm school, in church, at home and among family, andfrom just being a part of the ruling majority where skin color gives them the privilege to be disrespectful with no punishment.

America is not what it’s sold itself off to be. Think of America like going to any restaurant. If you want to know how good it is, ask the kitchen staff and the bus boys. They’ll tell you the truth. You don’t ask the restaurant owners because they have a vested interest in selling themselves as good. The same applies to Black people. If you want to know how we’re treated in America, listen to us. America has lots of slogans (i.e. the land of opportunity) shiny, things and beautiful places to fool those easily distracted by superficial things and words.

Of course the people who treat us bad are going to tell the world they don’t. No one wants to look bad.

But if you ask Black people living in the US today, I’m sure they have many of the same stories I have and more because how we are mistreated is under reported. It’s under reported because we don’t own or control media, publishing, research, public radio/television or other mediums. The stories told aren’t our stories.

The winner of the war gets to tell the story. White people in America have been telling a story, but not our story.

These are our stories and our experiences. This is one of the few platforms that allows me to share my experiences freely. I always expect the pushback and denial, and I realize to most it appears the actions of the White people described appear like classic asshole. But if you peel the onion back it’s much more than just being an asshole. We are not a post racial society. Just look at the differences in the responses to this piece to start. White/European men see it the same for the most part with some exceptions. White people are either perfect or assholes and I’m sensitive lol. White Women were more open, many even apologizing for the behavior after noticing they had done a few things in the list. People who identified as Black or People of Color here not only identified with what I noted, they added to the list. Even some White people added to the list. There is a reason for the different views. Some people have privilege to ignore or question racial microaggressions. Many of us do not. The aggressions are directed towards us.

I think if you don’t live in America and you’ve only seen/heard the State Department propaganda, you’re probably not seeing the real America. Depending on your skin hue, it could be considered a shithole country lol.

Thanks again for chiming in and I accept your apology fully. It’s a pleasure to have these discussions cordially.

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