Hi Allison,

President Obama continues proving he doesn’t have a connection to us. He is a great politician, that’s about it. I wish he had his wife would go away. They are rich Blacks and have used us all they could to enrich themselves the same way White people do. I wonder if he even understands how much harm he’s doing by speaking now. He seemingly never knows when to weigh in on matters of race. His framing is always from a White worldview.

He’s becoming more unlikeable by the day. The language around policing needs to soften to make it more understandable for citizen. The system is rigged and racist and we need a new one. You can’t make dismantling White Supremacy a slogan, and he of all people should know how difficult change is which is why he should shut him mouth when it comes to matters of us.

I don’t expect him to undo 400 years of racism, but he can help. Or be quiet. He does neither.

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