Hi Amelie,

Congratulations for accepting this. Now you've taken the next important step and that's trying to figure out how to undo the damage White Supremacy does to all of us. First I'd say watch and listen. I think sitting in this moment and watch how easily White people use their privilege to get points across is easily to understand how the use their power to get their way.

I always tell people no matter what I am, it comes after Black in this world. I am a Black woman, I am a Black educator, I am a Black writer. People often try to gloss over the color issue because they don't want to deal with race. White people excluding race from civil rights fights is intentional and goes back to the women's liberation movement that hijacked the first Civil Rights Act giving Black people rights.

White people often get confused civil rights and social justice. They combine the two, when they really shouldn't be. White people insisting on combining civil rights with social justice do not understand the need for Black people to have their own rights and bills like the Native Americans. We've never been equal, and we've never had more rights than any White person in America regardless of gender.

I would say for you, you need should ALWAYS remember regardless of your gender, you're always more privileged than a Black person or person of color, which means before engaging in any battles, you need to decide who are you really fighting for. If your fighting for equality, are you really fighting for White equality to be respected and acknowledged as a White trans individual or are you fighting to ensure everything is equal all the time in ways that help us all.

There is a time and a place to fight certain battles, but I've seen more than my share of White LGBTQ folks trying to steal the spotlight from this moment. It's racist and not right. Every time Black folks may inroads into fairness, justice, and equality, White people (regardless of agenda) hijack or movements, derail our agendas, and steal our moments, putting us at the back of the bus…again.

Please don't do that. Study the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and then study how White people hijacked it. It's an intentional plot to keep White people centered.

I understand White trans people wanting to be centered, but White people need to understand where that need to be centered comes from.

This is time to be #BlackLivesMatter or stay home. Black trans family are Black first. Black lesbians are Black first. Black bisexual men are Black men first.

This is a moment for ALL Black people. We aren't separating us. White people are. That's what they do best. This is a moment to understand how we mobilize to get change. I kindly ask other White groups who have hijacked every movement we've ever had in the past to not do it to this one. We are dying. We've been dying for 400-years and it's time to end this part of our living.

We've died in vain for too long.

If a White trans person decided they wanted to be straight, cis-hetero, they still have a skin pass because they are white. We don't have that benefit. We don't get that luxury if Black trans people decided to live as a heterosexual person again. Everyday the Black person wakes up they are fully aware they are in danger because they are Black.

Things you can do:

Start seeing color. Start putting non-White folks before yourself because you as a White person have a benefit they don't have even if you choose not to use it.

Study injustice so you can speak out on all of it and not look like a hypocrite cherry picking which transgressions you support.

Try to understand the Black experience in America. It is different than any other ethnic group here. Read Black authors, and not just LGBTQ authors and writers. While we may be Black we have different experiences that make one horrific experience living in America.

Don't lump Blacks and POC together. Understand why you shouldn't.

Before advocating or speaking out on anything you believe is a social justice issue, ask yourself why you're doing it and whether it could be perceived and being hypocritical. Ask yourself how does your advocacy help or harm people of color? As yourself whether whether issues intersect?

Read the room. How diverse is your room? Are there Black people at the table? Are they helping make decisions? Are your groups advocating with White voices on, on White concerns which may be out of touch with other groups? Do you only amplify White voices? Do you have token Blacks or POC (1–2) that you allow in your circles?

Becoming anti-racist is a huge challenge when you don't know what you don't know.

I would suggest Googling the civil rights history in America, the evaluate whether you're as oppressed as a Black person. It's not that we're having an oppression Olympics here, it's that America has never done right by Black and Native American people. When we try to right the ship, White people come to Whiten the ship.

Sometimes I feel like the White trans community is trying to drown out our voices in the same way and with the same manipulative attempts Karens do when they use their damsel in distress performances to harm Black men. I think the trans community needs to reconcile this problem. Trust me, it hasn't gone unnoticed in the same way the silence and complicitness of white feminists.

It's that same kind of bad Karen energy, the same malice, and the same intent that White people bring to movements that we cannot be sidetracked by. We need to understand we have identities and our identities are who we are. We must respect every identity and not overlook our own identities. Our humanity is important. Race is complex. Deconstructing it is complex. It takes time to understand.

I think all White people need to re-evaluate how they have assigned value to people of color subconsciously, which causes them to react to certain issues you deem worth (White issues) while issues of Blacks and people of color fall by the wayside.

This is one of the reasons I withdrew from many of the movements we have today. Movements run by White people de-center Black people. Our rights are never fully addressed because we have never had equal footing when it comes to rights. White people also don't listen to us, so they never really speak on our behalf. They say what they think we want to hear.

Understand The Origins of Civil Rights

The Civil Rights Act had a specific function, and that was to address the national, state, and local discrimination against and needs of Black people. All other groups used mobilization to push their agendas, de-centering Black people. And where are we now, still behind even though we've been here longer than any other immigrant group.

White people have consistently muddied these waters, confusing social justice and our civil rights, making people feel you can't fight for one group without fighting for all.

You must examine all of these matters thoroughly prior to becoming an ally. Allies often vote against our interests, making them enemies. Knowing the issues we've endured and understanding the injustice and inequality is essential right now. Forget trans, LGBTQ anything and everything except for Black. Then decide if you're ready to be an ally.

Lastly, do your own homework. Black people everywhere are being overrun by White people looking for answers and wanting to get help to be better. Use google, by books, join groups run by Black people. Listen, help, and be a good ally. Then listen more.

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