Hi Asia,

My apologies for the late reply. I feel the same way you do. We casually dismiss the hundreds of years America enslaved people, holding them against their will and jump to the Holocaust any time the media needs to describe how bad a human atrocity was. I get so angry we can use another country’s savageness in order to hide our own. You were right to give a history lesson in your class. People don’t think, they just blindly believe what ever is sold to them about our history, especially immigrants.

I make it a point to say something about slavery anytime the Holocaust is mentioned in my circles. We taught the Nazi’s how to conduct a Holocaust. The Jews essentially jumped out the frying pan into the fire by coming to America. Many have chosen to assimilate (or forget) like many immigrants, picking up anti-Blackness and Whiteness for survival at our expense. Story of our lives.

American exceptionalism blinds the masses from the ugly truth. It’s time we talk about it. Thanks for reading and sharing.

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