Hi Avis,

I agree. But we’ve been made to feel guilty by White and Black folks for feeling this way and for understanding our power and contributions to society. When we work together respectfully, we can move anywhere. I love the ADOS movement because it’s leaders understand how to build a case for reparations on behalf of ADOS people. Tone, Yvette, and Dr. Darity have really worked hard to teach supporters to advocate in their own states and communities which is beautiful, and safer for us all.

We can’t just keep fighting for rights, because White people can take those away at their leisure, or act as if they don’t exist. We know they don’t value our lives. The ADOS Movement is asking for tangible items in exchange for our votes which is awesome. They’ve received a lot of pushback and I’ve seen Black people go on the news and talk negatively about them which let me know they are on to something. I’m supporting the vehicle as an ADOS myself, and because I’ve seen current vehicles in place to advocate on behalf of all people are simply not enough.

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