Hi Blaine,

I shouldn't have to say not all White people. I'm not sure if you're new to the family, but I'll share a few pieces I've written on the subject of White people.


Here is another essay about not all White people. If you need a special disclaimer for White people, you're not ready to read my work. I don't have time to break out the different types of White people. Here is another good piece on those concerns about lumping White people together. When we're talking about White people, we're talking about racism and White people are the biggest racists harming Black people in America. We are fully aware not all White people fit into any category said "not all White people" are sensitive about, but if half the nation voted a racist into office and a large swath of other White folks remained silent or stayed home when they KNEW what would happen to minorities, I feel we shouldn't have to make excuses for the few when so many White people are racist.

Instead of focusing on being lumped in with the bad White people and complaining to Black people about it, I wish White people would complain to each other White people about why so many White people are racist, silent, complicit, or all the above.


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