Hi Bumpy J, & Welcome to AfroSapiophiles.

I hope you're right about Biden but I know better than to out my faith in White politicians. I don't have a good feeling by his cabinet appointments, but maybe he will do something via EO. There has never been a time in America when we haven't have a president who wasn't racist besides Obama, and at this juncture, I'm even questioning his anti-Blackness and lack of pro-Black policies. I don't suspect we'll have any change from the status quo tokenism we've been receiving.

We didn't have demands before we gave away our votes, we just gave it away. I expect nothing in return. At some point, Black people gotta stop saving White men. Period.

We save them and they laugh all the way to the back and to pages in history books. We're still at the cookouts mad talking about how they always win. We help them. It's time to stop and stop expecting them to do something, anything for us.

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