Hi Charles,

Thank you so much for you comment. I feel the same way. I’m respectful, but going out of my way to be nice to disarm them from their unwarranted fears I’m not doing anymore either. I recommend anyone who can legally carry to carry. There is a clear underground plan White Supremacists are using to start their little race war.

It’s Provoke, be outrageous (and racist), distract, call the cops (or shoot to kill). Black men must be aware of plot and protect themselves and their families. We already know where this is going. There is no putting this genie back in the bottle. I have “piece” at my house too. I have several piece offerings for those peace breakers choosing to try me instead of trying Jesus. My sons have mama’s blessing to also carry for personal protection. These aren’t nice times, so we must be prepared and act accordingly. You be safe, be aware of the tactics, and when provoked, do not engage. They are setting traps and Black men are their targets.

If they get rid of you, we are left uncovered. Stay safe bro. The have a mission. Let’s thwart it!👊🏾

In the words of Drake, Be Nice For What?

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