Hi Chris,

Happy New Year! We are indeed doomed to continue repeating history because we can’t get the love for all humanity right. I realize White on White crime isn’t new, but I’m not really concerned with White on White crime. My concern is White people committing crimes and being treated differently by the criminal justice system. I’m concerned about White violence, all of it, because it impacts our society more than any other violence they may refer to so to deflect from their own awful behavior. White mobs in America is nothing new. White people not accepting responsibility for their racist behavior isn’t new either.

We’re all wondering when will White people put away childish behaviors and become the global citizens they claim to be. American White people that is. White on Black violence isn’t new, it’s just amplified now because we have tv and cellphone camps. I hope people with privilege start checking it and get in the fight. The time for learning is over. This is a White people’s problem. They need to fix it. I am thankful you’re here for the journey.

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