Hi Chris,

I feel the same way about organized religion. It breeds hate. Governments often give Conservative religions protections and coverings, tipping its hand to White Supremacy leanings. Goverments give rights and privileges others don’t have (i.e. Muslims). I can’t possibly ever imagine a world free of religion because people are willing to overlook the bad for the charitable works done. Conservative religion has always been about bondage and controlling how people think.

It’s a cult. Having know people closely and loosely associated with conservative and evangelical religions, it’s fanatical. People disown their own kids because of it. Kill for it. Wish evil because of it. Harass grieving folks in funeral processions and throw dead fetuses at women having abortions in the name of it. I wouldn’t follow these people to a mailbox let alone allow them to rule my life. While I have sat in congregations, I’ve always had limits for my membership.

Some things are just common sense.

Thank you for your blessing! I reallty appreciate it. Please be safe and keep us in your thoughts. It’s going down hill fast here. I would give anything to not have to live through this.

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