Hi Chris,

I am happy that this piece was able to answer some questions for you about Black people who serve in positions of power who act gagainst our best interests. It’s something I’m sure many non-Black readers find puzzling but it’s like a dirty little secret we Black folks tend not to discuss publicly. It’s embarassing actually, but because there is a clear line now, I felt it needed to be addressed.

As for Senator Harris, my thoughts about her I’ll let you read my thoughts about her below. The reason I disliked her candidacy is the same reason I am disgusted by Daniel Cameron. You can’t be a prosecutor without playing these types of games with Black people.

“Holding My Nose: My 2020 Review of Senator Kamala Harris” by Marley K. https://link.medium.com/mt9tEpmP79

Buy Our Human Family’s “Field Notes For Allyship, Achieving Equality Together,” the new tool for allies available at Amazon.com| I 🖤 www.ko-fi.com/marleyk

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