Hi Crystal,

You made this personal. Don’t. White people love to come and center themselves when we strike a nerve or if they are in doubt. If you don’t do ALL the things together or any of the things in the piece you’re good!

I’m referring to a very specific set of instances in this piece and they all mostly happen in concert.

White people mess up when they start cherry-picking pieces to take personal. Don’t cherry-pick. We need allies. We need people who are able to come into to conversations on race and White Supremacy who understand Black people and Black issues. What we don’t need are saviors.

Saviors= Supermen and wonderwomen who come into chats rude af trying to tell us what to do, informing us our thinking is wrong, trying to convince us our experiences are not real…all to save Whiteness or to preserve White Supremacy. White saviors don’t rescue us. They come saving the day for White people.


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