Hi David,

Men. Young men, old men, Native men, White men, Black men. All the men were behaving badly. The video didn’t lie about any of that!

I have found so much irony from the entire episode it’s not even funny. This was classic toxic masculinity at it’s worst. I don’t condone anyone’s kids being called incest babies, but I’ve been around privileged kids like those. I live in a neighborhood with them. Those kids are privileged disrespectful brats. I have been around poor kids that would never act like those private Catholic school kids. Religion and toxic masculinity caused this problem. Kids can be stupid, I agree, but my kids were taught to respect their elders. All elders, regardless of their color. Even when the elders are wrong. My kids would never engage in a manner like that. They would walk away. That’s the difference between kids of privilege and all the other kids.

And if they did, I wouldn’t hire a PR Firm to make the little devils look like angels. I’d have them apologize for bringing shame on my family, on themselves, and on their community. Then they’d be punished.

Every man in the video we’re discussing flexed his “perceived” power and privilege like little immature kids.

As for social media is a double-edged sword we’re going to have to learn how to navigate. But there is one thing that is certain, no matter who tells the story, it’s always going to have a slant, regardless of context. Some see what they want to see, and some can casually ignore what we don’t want to see.

That’s the problem in my opinion. That’s why even with context, nothing will change. Men are making excuses for the bad behavior of men.

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