Hi Fleet McClamrock, thanks so much for reading and your response. It’s so complicated, such a complex situation when you get into the weeds of reporting. Some jurisdictions are sexual assault victims friendly and some police and sheriffs in smaller rural communities are not. Secondly, once you report an assault to the police, it becomes public record…then comes the journalist/media vultures. They print all kind of public information which likely identifies the victims without explicitly stating his/her name. The humiliation and shame from that alone causes people not to report. Thirdly, some victims just don’t report. When reports are not made, perps get to live another day, another week, another year.

Add to that a criminal justice system that is extremely political and it’s just a disaster for victims. The systems are broken. Oftentimes, there are multiple reports for the same abuser, but in cases where there are children accusing adults, parents etc., but because there is a lack of “hard evidence” that prosecutors can use for slam dunk wins (or enough to get a plea which they still use as a win), then reports/cases go nowhere.

Because you can’t falsely accuse someone, it’s hard to keep a database of suspected abusers. We all know some. Guys and women who have abused but never been convicted of a crime. If there is never any police involvement, nothing can be done. Most victim service agencies have policies which prevents them from sharing names of suspects with the police unless it involves children where they are mandated to report such crimes to the police.

The bottom line is…if it’s not reported at the time it happens, it’s very unlikely anything will happen. Even with statute of limitation laws being reversed, there has to be enough evidence to present to a grand jury. If you have men who choose to protect themselves over speaking truths about victimization because they all do the same dirt (a birds of a feather flock together sort of thing), victims will NEVER get justice.

Men who witness this need to report it, even when victims don’t. Victims can’t do it alone. Women can’t do it alone. It will take men and boys to also speak up about the abuse they witness. It’s the only way to keep criminals from governing.

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