Hi Gillian, yes please add to the list!! Race is important to White people and they force us to make it important as well. Our proximity to Whiteness means approval and acceptance. For Whites, proximity to color means we’ve done what’s needed to make them comfortable.

I find that older people (like my dad) closer to America’s integration era discussed race a lot more because it was a huge deal at the time. They passed that down to their children. I live in the South and I use race to describe people at times but I do it to provide context when I describe how I was treated (certain racial groups treat Blacks extremely bad and we know it, i.e. Whites, Cubans, etc.). Race is going to always be an important descriptor to White people because it separates “them” from otherness. I don’t think they do it intentionally, but it’s what I call nice racism. It’s not offensive, so it’s okay. We must learn how those simple things keep us divided, and White people hold the power to stop it.

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