Hi Glenn,

I’m so glad you mentioned this in context with the shooting. I have sons so watching the video was traumatic. I’m so tired of watching these videos of White men regardless of their backgrounds hunting down and killing Black men. It reminds me of the old nigger round ups back in the old days when they rode on trucks to hunt and hang Blacks.

I just don’t understand how White people can continue to ask us what we did and not invest any time and energy into what they’ve done to create these terrible situations for us.

The White silence is bad, but the failure to examine is the icing on the cake for me. How can our nation continue to allow White men to serve in places where they obstruct justice? How can we ever live up to who or what we are supposed to be on paper? We can’t. As long as we are a White rule nation where Blacks and people of color can be harassed, killed, or discriminated against with perverted justice if there is any justice at all, we are a fascist nation. Thanks so much for your allyship and willingness to to examine this subject more.

Things are only going to get worse sadly.

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