Hi Glenn,

It’s sometimes the that matters the most to people. Some people receive from me because I’m Black woman. Some value what I say in spite of me being Black. Some people trust me because I’m a Black woman.

But let’s make no bones about this. There are some people (in particular White men) who are never going to believe what I say because in their minds I’m not White so they don’t respect what I say. I don’t matter.

You posess a power and a privilege I don’t have, one that allows you to speak to a certain audience, hard to reach White people. There are White who will listen to you because of what you look like. You’re a different messenger taking the same message and making it palatable and edible for those eating from your table. I feel like if more White people rationalize this for White people, we can make some progress. Bloomberg is dangerous for Black lives, period. I don’t believe Bloomberg doesn’t know he’s racist. He’s a sociopath likely and doesn’t care about racism or sexism. His actions are deplorable, and at 70 he knows better. He’s an Ivy League grad, he knows what he’s doing?

He’s as transactional as Trump, we just don’t understand billionaire brains as well as the mentally ill homeless man on the corner.

Right now, Democrats considering Bloomberg are no better than the MAGA people they despise. They are hypocrites as far as I’m concerned. Every single character flaw Trump voters excused now liberal, progressive, and moderate Dems are considering.

Are these people going to be different, or are they all the same at the end of the day, and that’s racists.

You have to say the same things I did, just say them differently for the people who follow you. It’s truth that cannot be rationalized.

At the end of the day,it’s White people asking Black and Brown people to take an L so they can get the W. And they are asking us to wait for, say 400 more years to do something about our plights? It’s unacceptable. It’s disrespectful. And if this is the case, all hope’s lost.

Now, how can you say what I’ve said to those easily offended, to those who are clueless (or playing coy) about racism, and to those who dislike Black women? I get hell all the time (read my comment sections). Just take it and continue on. You can’t be worried when lives are at stake. I don’t.

There aren’t enough ways to say to White people you’re asking u. Blacks to put ourselves in danger (again) and to wait on White people to do the right thing, which they never do.

How can you say this so that the people you feed can understand it? I trust you. I know you can do it.

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