Hi Guy,

It is so aggravating to continue to live through and with racism everyday. It’s exhausting trying to convince White people racism exists. Fortunately the cat is out of the bag for the entire world to see. We have our own Holocaust (again) happening right here in America and White people can no longer pretend they are innocent or that Black people are exaggerating about how we are treated.

Our relationship with White people is very much a domestic violence relationship where they withhold affection, finances, opportunities to be self-sufficient and other supports while they abuse us. As you’ve noted, where do we go? We have no home even though this isn’t White people’s home either they believe they have more of a right to be here than we do. I just don’t understand White people. It’s almost like it’s a mental illness that folks don’t want to tell us about that makes them act so ridiculous.

We tolerate White people’s bullshit because as you can see on the news and throughout history, when we rebel, they kill us. When we try to speak up for ourselves when they harass us for simply living, they kill us and they create laws that protect themselves (i.e. Stand Your Ground). We are penalized in other ways like fired for shining the light on microaggressions and inequality, we’re evicted from our housing when report discrimination, and they call the cops on us for any damned thing which rarely works out well for us.

We are taught from elementary school how to deal with White people. The lessons on White people never end because racism and White Supremacy are always evolving. We are taught to mind our tempers, behavior and our attitudes because anything any White person deems appropriate can get us locked up, killed, or at the very least inconvenienced in some way. The lessons are passed down from generation to generation.

Living with White people globally requires a manual and constant counseling on how to navigate them and live. White people will never know or understand the lifetime of courses we take, with accompanying continuing education course until we die. And the hate authored by White people here in the states doesn’t stay in one place, it’s spread globally.

America’s biggest export has been hate. Steve Bannon is continuing the tradition. At some point, White people collectively will need to take inventory of their trails of destruction and human suffering caused by them.

I honestly don’t know how most sleep at night, but that’s just me I guess.

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