Hi Holly, 
There has been lots of activists on Twitter calling out BLM (the national chapter) as well as numerous threads on how BLM leaders have parlayed the hijacked movement into teaching gigs, new homes, and lots of other perks with the cash. While not completely illegal, the national chapter definitely has a different agenda. The loose affiliations have led to co-opting from outsiders and is a huge distraction. Most Black people now use the logo, but do not affiliate with the national chapter. Here is a little more info on the confusion on the movement. I recommend doing research before donating to any nonprofit that has a national chapter. I never give to the national chapters of the United Way, Red Cross, or Salvation Army. They are barely transparent and top heavy with admin expenses. I donate locally, and I research before I give.

Atlanta Case of BLM Wire Fraud Case


Shaun King Fraud Stories

Here, here, and here.

Folks Donating To The Wrong Chapter


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