Hi Jake,

I had no idea Medium was created by the guy who created Twitter. I have definitely seen the trolls and bots attack topics linked to the LGBTQ and Trans communities, feminists, and Black women (i.e. Zora). I am frequently bombarded with racist bots and lots of troll. I believe the site could definitely do more to control harassment from real people and bots. I also noticed they don’t ask the reason why the person is being flagged. It seems as soon as we block them, they just create a new account and start harassing us.

It’s not bad here all the time, but there is definitely is an uptick in the harassment during certain times election season. It’s intentional and AI can be trained to detect racism, xenophobia, sexual harassment, etc. It’s not done because the people who create these platforms are also at the top of the social food chain. They give no shits to give about us being bullied and targeted.

Par for the course. But we have not because we ask not, so I’m asking them publicly to do something. It’s not fair to those of here playing by the rules.

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