Hi Jason,

Thanks for responding, and I appreciate your willingness to dive into the piece more. I promise to be respectful. I want you to know I read what you noted about three times. I’m really struck by your statement “Racism makes people stand up, classism makes people fall asleep.”

You are absolutely correct and I am so happy you see the real problem.

I want you to know I am in no way denying classism. But many people suffer from classim because of racism. It’s like a double curse for them (I’ve suffered from both). But here’s my personal viewpoint.

Racism (to me) is about power and has created classes/caste systems. Poor non-White people have niched their way into the ruling class (i.e. Jews, Italians, the Irish, Asians) as we’ve all sought the approval of Whiteness. The more you disavow Blacks, the more welcomed you were into the ruling majorities party. With anti-Black sentiments came rewards of power and privilege. Classism was created by our nation’s ruling majority (White people). They’ve alway set the standards on what’s respected, and what’s not respected as well as who was a priority and and who was not. Those who followed the national caste system/social order have been rewarded, even if the reward was a good feeling. It doesn’t matter which political party or part of the nation you’re from, the power structures are always the same.

Classism (to me) is a huge problem but too many poor White people in my opinion contribute to the our classism problem because they choose to be racist over standing up for the class. Middle-class White people will do the same thing. They will vote against their own interests to support corporate interests, meanwhile corporate interests has drained the hell right out of the poor and middle-class. Everyone wants to be rich so they listen to the lies of the rich White politicians with hopes and dreams of one day become “rich.” They sell their fellow neighbor right down the river and think nothing of it. Classism is tied to racism I’d say because some racist people think that other people should never been in a higher class, or even the same class as them.

Classism is a problem because poor people, both White, Black, and otherwise, will vote against their own interests. We (Blacks) have no power. We are not the majority in America. We don’t control many branches of government outside of city and municipal, and we don’t create policies that pit class against class. We are usually victims of it, or forced to choose from the options created by White people creating the policies. Ignorant and/or racist poor people would rather a Mexican be in a cage and their health insurance cut to harm the group they dislike.

White middle-class farmers are filing for bankruptcy, living on food stamps, and committing suicude because they voted for someone who said they were going to build a wall to keep Mexicans out of their country taking their jobs. They will even get on television and say the stupid mess which irritates me to no end.

But those tariffs hurt other people in other classes/racial groups too. Like people who manufacture steel in other parts of the nation. That class of idiots harmed many American families, but as long as their preferred racist espouses the same racist ideas they do, they’re fine being poor. They believe in trickle down, and after 40 years it hasn’t worked, yet they still say it. They are unable to see the truth about “class” because their preferred gripe is always with “race.”

It’s a problem because poor people of color and poor White people will vote against their own interests to support White Supremacy. It’s the “Lowest White Man”/Southern Strategy. Combine that with the Evangelical movement (i.e. pro-life shenanigans), and poor people are getting robbed blind by the church and the government. They are fine with it.

Trust me Jason, I see your point and I respect it. and I have written about how many White people will vote against their own interests because to the race (being White) comes before class (being poor). I have seen these people do it so much it’s ridiculous. Then they’ll even admit their White person is hurting the wrong person (them), but they’ll continue to support them anyway.

I would love for us to get on one accord and discuss classism in America, but it is going to require White people to wake up from the racial transes and get on code with those of us who understand what time it is. We can’t address classism until the millions of poor racist dump racism. They two are connected, but only one should be important and that’s classism. The real fight is against rich vs poor. White people make fighting it damned near impossible.

Let’s talk about this more. I think we are saying the same thing. We just see it differently, and that’s okay. I respect and value your opinion. I don’t want you to feel like I’m going to jump down your throat for speaking.

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