Hi Jeanette,

I want to clear the air every chance I get about White Supremacy. Nothing has been coincidental over the last three years. These people believe they are supposed to rule over us, and they have a golden stairwell case that makes it all possible. I want to talk about White privilege and ineptitude, because that's the thing stopping our upward mobility. It's all connected.

And when ineptitude meets an overqualified for the job, it acts like a green-eyed monster. Barrett left all her cards flipped on the table when she and Kamala interacted. I could hardly stand to watch and listen to her, but when she and Senator Harris went back and forth, her disdain for Black reared its ugly head, proving what we already know. They hate us in our spaces, and they hate when were are over them.

I have zero respect for this country. White Supremacy is everywhere and White people insist they can't see it. I'm going to write more thought pieces like this to show how White people intentionally make our lives harder and how their lack of cultural inclusiveness makes them unqualified to lead, judge, police, or create policy.

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