Hi Jocelyn Woods. I have never followed any of the movements for a variety of reasons, primarily because I feel like these groups do are divide us more and more. After reading the history of how feminism evolved from the suffrage movement, I simply was not interested in it. I knew some of the old residuals of privilege would never die.

Women of color do have groups where non-white women are allowed, but it’s because White women would not listen to their issues and advocate on behalf of those groups in meaningful ways. So, when you’re invited to come because they tell you they need you and want you, but they want you to stay silent, well…that gets old.

White women do it all the time. PTA/PTO, multicultural churches, politics, education…it’s the same thing. They treat women of color like charity projects and pets instead of equals. White women can lead us, but we can’t lead them. People are tired of that. It’s old. Been done too many times.

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