Hi Ka De Wo,

I stay helping someone’s kid. Right now I’m “trying" to help my partner’s children and they are adverse to my advice. We have different parenting styles. She raises her kids from a place of Black privilege. She Black upper middle class with one in college, one on the way, a freshman and 8th grader.

She’s raised them in white privilege and her kids act/sound the same way you did when you were in high school. I worked in a college, 2/3 of my kids graduated from college, yet when I try to lend my advice, everyone has all the answers or mom coddles. Also, there is more of an emphasis on being smart, zero emphasis on social skills, basic etiquette, communal living, or respecting personal boundaries which are necessary for college living.

I mind my business. My kids are grown and living on their own. Smh

My nieces and nephews are good. Their parents are military or ex military and those kids are well on their way.

I really find weird how educated, middle class families tend to be so hands off with their kids today. They love their kids so much their raising people no one will like. Not preparing kids for the real world and having frequent conversations at home are detrimental to our children. There are so many options and routes for education it’s impossible not to succeed, but if you don’t know, you don’t know.

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