Hi Katherine,

I’d actually never heard of Rachel Rodgers until you mentioned her. I did some superficial research on her and I’d say she’s EXACTLY in the same boat as Jay-Z. All she talks about is money, success, don’t do your laundry, just send it out and work hard around the clock to be rich so you can be successful and rich. Be rich, I was poor, but now I’m rich. There is so much more to life than being rich.

She’s found a way to use her beauty and proximity to whiteness, her pull her self up by her bootstraps story, and her apparently never-ending affinity for wanting to wealthy to make her rich. It’s the same old get rich story White men use.

I’m wary of any person preaching prosperity, aspiring for the same level of wealth accrued by former slaveowners and others who have benefitted from abusing labor of the poor and minorities. There is really no way to get rich without engaging in some unethical tactics, being shrewd and ruthless, and/or without dehumanizing people. It takes other people to help rich people get rich. At somepoint for people aspiring to be rich or those already rich, people become nothing more than numbers, consumers, or sales. Every waking moment of the aspirational rich person’s life is spent figuring out how to pimp poor people, people who want to be rich, and simple people out of their money.

You’d be hard pressed to find a good, ethical rich person. They are all greedy, too many to count are ruthless (ask any accountant or CPA and check out their politics). The fact that even after accruing more money after they have accumulated more than they’ll ever be able to spend in several lifetimes, they keep trying to earn more money says so much about these individuals. Money is an addiction to them and they make it an addiction for us.

To be rich is to be ruthless. Those people have a special set of character traits that can be good but are mostly bad (although many poor and middle-income people aspiring to be rich will compromise their values and integrity seeing nothing wrong with these flawed individuals), depending on how you view wealth, humanity, and the importance of ones character. Being rich, regardless of how you get that way, requires you not to care about people although many rich people would say it’s quite the opposite.

Buy this to save money. Who spends money to save money except stupid people. Buy/read this so you can be rich like me. You buy their books and they get rich, you don’t because you don’t have the same set up and opened doors — but you feel good/better. Join my team. Come to my church and you’ll be prosperous. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on rich people, I’m just saying they shouldn’t pretend to be good people when they aren’t. They are using dressed down capitalism to pimp folks and folks just don’t understand this.

Being good and being ruthless/shrewd is a visual mind fuck that needs to end. The vision of someone attempting to be good (i.e. social justice warrior) and that same person being bad (selling out/pimping ties to the poor to get richer) is crazy. Most people aren’t wise enough to understand the craziness of the wealthy.

There are too many proverbs, sayings and quotes about wealth come that to mind when I think of most wealthy people alive today. For instance:

All wealth is the product of labor.” ~ John Locke

Yeah right, but whose labor was it? Were laborers compensated fairly? Probably not. Labor and talent today are exploited. Depending on the industry and the race/gender of the exploited, the exploitation could be outrageous.

To be wealthy and honored in an unjust society is a disgrace.”

~ Confucious

Just look at the state of America and the world when it comes to wealth and justice. Covid-19 and Trump exposed just how disgraceful America has been to its people.

Riches don’t make a man rich, they only make him busier.” ~ Christopter Columbus

Rich people stay busy trying to get richer, neglecting family, friends, children, their home. Many rich people are unhappy and in unhappy marriages. Money becomes the spouse or the child. Money also causes single people to be lonely. They can’t trust folks and sometimes those superiority complexes prevent them from making real friends. I can’t tell you all the young, lonel, single multi-millionaires in Miami with zero people skills.

In America we have this mindset that money means a person is intelligent/smart and good. A lot of times the rich are narcissists and we should be running for the hills. The philanthropy and taking up of certain social causes clouds our judgement about the rich. In fundraising we know rich people take up social causes and donate because there is a personal benefit. Rich people never do anything without a motive, hardly ever. They give because it’s a write off or they benefit from the social capital accrued from joining certain causes.

My Thoughts on Narcissistic Leaders (Swap Leaders to Rich People):


In any event, people have to decide their own ethos about money and wealth and the reasons for wanting to be rich. Motive is everything. Most rich people don’t have good motives, and that’s the problem. When they start off poor and end up rich still selling the same “I was once poor scam,” we all should be thinking something is off here. We need to rethink our allegiance to wealth. It’s killing us.

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