Hi Katrina,

Thanks for reading. I have not addressed internalized racism yet, because I’ve been trying to lay the foundation by teaching people (in practical ways) about racism and White Supremacy.

The piece I wrote on Black Isn’t The Same is sort of a segway into our internalized racism. I gently and covertly touched on it in my piece questioning the benefits of desegregation. I have intentionally tip-toed around the subject because we get the same reactions from Black people that we get from White people in denial about their love of the Master’s privileges. I know it’s not going to be received well, but it’s a conversation that we need to have because we are aiding in our own community’s demise.

In our attempt to get good stuff, we’re internalizing racism against our own people without realizing it. I just hate going there(lol). I get enough grief and hell from White people already. Not looking to double my portion of good trouble quite yet.

“All Black Is Beautiful, But All Black Isn’t the Same” by Marley K. https://link.medium.com/cfGrozQqC9

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