Hi Kelley and thank you for reading and taking the time to respond. Yesterday must have been angry White men’s day to man and Whitesplain to me how wrong and racist I am. As you’ve noted, racist White people have continued to reveal themselves over and over again in some of these comments. I’m not talking about humble, in-the-dark White people who accidentally do the things and are regretful. I’m talking about the aggressive, guilty bullies who bully me (us), but hate to be called out for being racist.

I find this absolutely hilarious (because I never expected this to go viral) but also terrifying because I’m seeing there are so many angry, privileged, and/or wilfully ignorant people living among us. I write about race all the time, so I don’t know why they are all jacked up over this piece. If their angry, I suppose I struck a cord. Truth was revealed.

I’m so sorry you have to endure racial microaggressions as a biracial American. These types of people make everything about race, without explicitly stating “this is about your race.” I don’t think we’re ever going to get rid of racism. There are too many White people in denial about racism, and too many people hiding in plain sight, willfully ignorant and happy about it. We must keep speaking out. Racists don’t get to injure us and then tell us it doesn’t hurt. That’s gaslighting. It’s insanity.

Don’t fall for it Sis! Stay vigilant and woke👊🏾!

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