Hi Laura and thanks. I have fought the school IDEA battle for years with my local school too. I can only imagine what your fights must be like. My kid experienced depression his junior year and it was an act of Congress getting my school district to accomodate him. I had to call to Washington countles times and threaten to sue before they did what they were supposed to. All the slights, snide remarks, and impatience for accomodations was eye-opening. I was glad when those fights were over.

Why is it so hard for people to treat others kindly and to provide what they need to survive, keeping in mind we’re not created or cared for equally? Sometimes some of us need a little more.

While I believe dealing with microaggressions can build character in advocates, they also tear down our bodies mentally and physically. Fighting all the time is bad for your health. There is just no winning with microaggressions, and sadly you and your child will have to endure them in the same way we endure microaggressions, from cradle to grave. Humanity can be so cruel. So many people have no patience or tolerance for otherness.

Hopefully stories like these will change hearts and minds and help us be better humans. I know I’m trying, but I’m tired lol. Take care moma bear!!!! Fight the good fight, but don’t forget to take breaks.

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