Hi Linda,

Thank you for posting. I always look forward to your thoughtful insights. Thank you for not giving up on trying to convince people of the dangers ahead. Sadly, unless those benefiting lose something tangible (money, job, home, etc.) they won’t be converted. Unlike Black people and people of color who must worry because of our skin color, many White people don’t have that burden to carry. They have the privilege to be wilfully ignorant because they have no skin in the game. They can bet on racism and win because with racism, they are all the same.

It’s only when they realize the rich bigots are playing them all the way to the bank will they finally be fed up and (maybe) do something.

One thing I don’t have to do is convince anyone in my circles that Trump is a racist and bad for us. That’s almost universal. There are a few naive voters who support the Evangelical/Republican/Pro-Life platform who have been hoodwinked. They don’t realize they are voting against their own interests and supporting/enabling the bigotry Trump hurls at the minority groups he hates.

Most minorities clearly see and understand the theory about 45 “ what he says and does gives permission to others to act/think/say as he does.” We’ve lived this already, numerous times. Those new to the country will soon learn about the other America. There is a connection between our past and our present. If ignorant and racist White people don’t soon figure this out soon enough, they can hang the failure of America at their feet. Being ignorant, hateful and racist will destroy this country, and the world is watching.

If we can’t convince White people to resolve their biases, all hope is lost I’d say.

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