Hi Mike Meyer

You have been warning about America for the past few years just like I have. All we can do is sit and watch the forthcoming trainwreck. I can’t say I’m surprised about any of it. I am surprised at how quickly America has turned inward to eat itself.

I watched an old video or two where KGB defector and propagandist (Yuri Bezmenov) talked about how the KGB uses subverson some years ago and how our adversaries work to take down their enemies. I really don’t think it’s to prevent a collapse because our enemy has an agent is in the White House and all throughout our government including many of our beloved elected officials. He is a KGB agent. I’ll never forget immediately after he won his first order of business during inauguration was to invite the Russians into the oval offices. I think that was the mountain top of betrayal. My eyes really opened to the lengths White people would go for both money and power.

My poor sister is in the military serving a nation that has never loved or been loyal to her. It’s only purpose to sustain White people and White power. She serves a racist White man installed by racist White people. Her life is in danger whether she’s in or out of a uniform because so many White people are morally bankrupt and inhumane. After 24-years and almost 4-years of Trump, she’s heading home.

That’s how I know this nation is collapsing. She loves the military and loves her country, but it loves White Supremacy more than it loves the people. A Donald Trump presidency and the audacity of a second one even being possible reinforces America’s love of anti-Blackness to sane Black and Brown observers.

We are ripe for Russian and Chinese subversion because we have “free” markets, people want their “free”doms and we allow any and everyone to come here unlike other cultures and civilizations because we are the land of the “free” where you can pursue dreams “free”ly. Freedom teaches people they dont have to respect the cultures, values, and spaces of others. That’s what America has done. That’s going to be our demise. To pursue any anything in America it requires you participate in anti-Blackness and racism, which most people do unconditionally as it’s a method of sustaining oneself. White power possesses everything we need to survive. That’s how our society was planned. It must crumble. It needs to crumble because of our racism.

Our enemies have used that to subvert our democracy along with America’s own racism.

Our adversaries used our own colonialism and racism to stoke the fires they needed for our collapse. The fire was already burning. It was just down in the bottom of an old rusty barrel covered by papers that smouldered it. Trump removed those papers from atop of the fire and added fuel to it.

Poof, the fire’s reignited.

I don’t see enough White people grasping this all, and it takes them too damned long. I feel like Ive accidentally been placed in a special needs class for exceptional students in dealing with most White people today.

Their inability to connect the dots the way you and I can and the inability or unwillingness to sacrifice to save this country is why it will fall. Everything is too interconnected (and not in a good way). White Supremay rules and reigns over too many things, including the minds of many Black and Brown folks. We act too slowly. We have to much freedom. Our rule of law has been subverted by our own people, a descendant of Germans who believes in Nazism. Let that rest in your spirit.

I have warned my readers for the past few years about where this country was heading. I’m sure quite a few got the memo, but our messages are suppressed by media who are more focused on money than people. When someone wants to go into a ditch and you’ve done all you could to prevent them from going but they insist on going anyway, well you just let them goon. That’s where I am with this thing. I have peace in my spirit about it. I’ve prepared my house as much as I can prepare for a crisis. I’m just narrating the forthcoming collapse right now.

You can’t tell hard-headed people anything, and America as a whole is full of too many hard-headed, greedy, and guillible people.

About Yuri Bezmenov:

For those interested in seeing Yuri’s videos on ideological subversion, fascism, etc. to help understand the psychological warfare playing out in America today, I have noted them below. You can see how old they are, which makes it so much more alarming that we don’t see or understand what’s happened to the nation over the past 12 years. In order to remain a free society we are going to have to purge a lot of things from our lives. Racist people is just one way we make subversion easy. There are many more, including many of America’s flawed ideologies that make adversarial subversion possible.

Interview with Yuri Bezmenov- Warning to America


Understanding Political Subervision- Yuri Bezmenov


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