Hi Nate,

I do agree other cultures are racist because they practice anti-Blackness and White Supremacy which is the root of all racism, but for this piece I was only referring to American White people and people of European descent. In some of my other pieces I talk about anti-Blackness and racism practiced by people of color/non-White minorities, Blacks and African Americans who are anti-Black, and non-Whites who are able to pass as White.

Many different groups practice racism. In America, it’s a team sport. European, non-White immigrants such as (Italians, Irish, Israelis, French, Indians, Asians) practice racism in America, but from my research each nation has its own class and/or race system which allows for exploitation and subjugation. Most of the modern world’s social hierarchy systems are modeled after America’s slavery and Jim Crow systems. White people (Europeans/Caucasians, Anglo-Saxons) are the originators of the race theory, and we’re all forced to take part in their social experiment that’s gone terribly wrong.

White-skinned Europeans and White persons of other nationalities must look at their nation’s history on how they treated non-White people and see how those subjugated, lower-ranked people are fairing today. Then they must ask themselves what they’ve done to uphold such systems, as well as how they have benefitted personally and collectively from the social hierarchy they belong to.

The main thing to consider is that White skin acts like a passport in most of the world, allowing those people privileges without that skin don’t have. I personally believe racism goes far beyond America. Different countries call it different names, but the results are still the same. White skin = privilege and Black/Brown skin = subjugation. They get to influence who is grandfathered in and who receives a few measely privilges for practicing racism and anti-Blackness.

Racism rewards those who engage in it, and you can tell which groups participate in it by their collective success. I personally believe all White people (it’s hard for them not to be the way they’ve conquered so many nations and colonized them) are racist, but many Black and Brown people are too. I just don’t blame them (as much) because Black and Brown people are forced to compete in a society that values Whiteness, and they must assimilate in order to survive. So they practice racism too.

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