Hi Ranjeet,

For me, I don’t want to do anything to comfort racist White people unable to receive truths from anyone except White people. For me and hundreds if not thousands of Black writers, it’s how we immediately identify racists. Anytime White anti-racists identify White and PoC anti-racists educators without including Blacks, it says something. I really don’t care to address those folks anymore. There is enough discussion about what White people need to do. If they aren’t mature enough to get out of their comfort zone, it’s not my responsibility to convince them.

At some point, we must give up on folks, and I think if White people aren’t going to be forced to change or be punished for their behavior, it’s a wrap. If we have to learn to live with racism and WP never have to change, we’re doomed from the start. I want to deal with people who get it. They are never going to be swayed by us anyway to listen or do better. The only thing that is going to make those White people change is the sight of a significant number of White people changing and seeming to be okay or ever happier because of it.

WP just need to grow up. Trust me, they know they are racist. I don’t want to play their sick psychological games anymore. We have their numbers. As far as the diversity and equity programs in the workplace, they are all frauds. I hate them. WP go because they are forced, and as many Blacks and PoC have noted, they often check out. Businesses should just stop because they can’t regulate or legislate hate in the heart.

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