Hi Rebecca,

The root of Black feminism is White feminism. We didn't have it until Black women were invited to join racist suffragists. Since then, Black feminists have splintered from the original movement, understanding White women aren't all that interested in sharing power with Black women specifically.

All rights that White subgroups have received come in part because of their co-opting/hijacking, or flat out redirecting Black movements.

I myself am not a feminsts, nor do I agree with it because I understand the root of it. Divided we fall, and feminism divides the Black community in my opinion, causing women and men to compete, making us enemies. We have so few resources we cannot afford to be fractured like White women can. Just my two cents.

Well, thanks for listening to my rant and I do understand we may not always agree but we can certainly disagree respectfully. That's what I love most about my readers.

I support abolishing police, or rerouting funding if that's all we can get at the moment with the understanding it's not going to be enough. It doesn't go far enough. I also have a problem with co-opting and stopping Black movements. Sometimes, even feminists with the best intentions have a habit of speaking over men folks and taking over movements, making it about them instead of all of us.

The Black Panther Angela Davis is not the same as the feminist/academia Angela Davis of today. This is something a lot of people do not and cannot understand. She's not the same. It's not bad, it just is. The elders had their day, they need to allow the youth to have theirs.

We cannot steal movements from people fighting to survive. We can join them, learn, and be silent, lending our support and skills. There is a fracture, many fractures in the Black community, especially among ADOS. Unfortunately everyone is watching it play out live.

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