Hi Robert,

I’ve already voted. I dropped it off and verified it was counted. I voted straight Dem and I know it’s not going to nearly be enough to beat back the racism that has been unleashed. I donated to various campaigns here in state and in out-of-state campaigns where Republican seats need to flip (like KY Moscow Mitch). That’s about all I could muster up in 2020. I’m not enthused about our prospects. You already know why.

I have weapons and plenty of ammo. My partner is a retired federal special agent. Our home has been secured. We carry at all times when we leave the home, and we have camera and a ring doorbell that captures street activity pretty good. We’ve stocked up on staples understanding it’s going to be a long winter. I’ve tried to warn family members as well to vote and plan… and wait.’

That’s all we got. I’m going to continue donating to various campaigns hoping it will make a difference. I fear it’s too late though. Democrats don’t know how to fight. You can’t out nice evil. It doesn’t work. The high road won’t work. I hope folks eventually learn that.

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