Hi Robert,

I wanted to expand a little more how other communities are working to separate themselves from White people via rebuilding their own communities.

One such program that I've reviewed grant proposals for for years now is via a bureau of the U.S Dept. of Health and Human Services, Office of Community Services - Tribal Services (see the link to learn more)


Tribal communities (Native Alaskan, Pacific Islanders, and Native American) communties have had a longer relationship with White Supremacy that ravaged their community. All of these communities have been working to create business which generate revenue for their communities, create farming industries which allow the communities to sustain themselves, and create programs which help them maintain their cultures.

Black people need to engage in similar efforts, but we don't have the blessing of White America yet. There is no bureau just for us even though we have ample data to show we need a bureau. Anytime anything is done for Black people, we must share it. White people continue to control our destiny in this way.

We pay taxes, yet don't get have any designations like other protected and recognized groups. We need to be singularly protected class, with rights that differ from any other class similar to Native communities, and America needs to invest in our efforts to become self-sufficient and free of White gazes/violence.

Native communities have created ecosystems that includes organic foods grown, processed and sold in some national grocery chains. They have co-ops where farmers supply milk and veggies to their brands and they are sold nationally.

Our community is much bigger, more diverse, and we should be doing similar things in order to become more self sufficent. It requires sacrifice, honest leaders with integrity, people with various skills, and money. The Black community interested in this type of change would have to get on one accord, and be willing to lay the foundation to restart our journey to being a nation within a nation like other indigenous communities.

I love Fracis Cress Welsing and Dr. Claud Anderson, Dr. Sandy Darity, and others who have been saying the same things about White people collectively for a long time. We just can't keep playing this game we're never going to win with White people. We see what desegregation has to offer. We know how White people will act whether we're free or enslaved. We know how White people feel about us, and we know they don't consider us a part of their society.

At some point, we must get the memo like other indigenous communities and begin rejecting White Supremacy as much as we can. While we cannot escape all of it, there are some things that we can control. Our future will depend on us, not White people, and if we cannot begin to reinvest in ourselves instead of sopping up White people's stuff and contributing to their empire, we're never going to have anything.

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