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Thanks so much for reading. The Washington Post has a pretty extensive database on killings for each since they realized the police don’t police themselves.Since this data relies on reports by citizens and journalists at local levels reporting on police killings, it could be more. Media sources with track backs to original stories are provided for those interested to get the background on the stories behind each killing. Data goes back to 2015. To track by numbers, and also provide break downs by race, etc. To search the data, I included the link below.

As far as Black Nihilism, that’s one plan I’d say, but it’s a small part of a larger plan. There are many countries who don’t like America due to it’s arrogant ways, it’s double standards (your country needs to have a democracy and treat people well, meanwhile, you treat people of color and the poor like crap and work diligently to disenfranchise them), and it’s wealth. Many nations hate democracy, and have found a way to exploit America’s democracy in order to turn it into another country (i.e. Russia). If they can exploit the divisions among Americans (like race, class, education, political and religious ideologies) and keep us infighting, then they can take over our social media, news outlets, and other places on the interwebs to practice demoralization on all of the people. Because America is so unrepentant when it comes to slavery and how they used slaves for centuries, the wounds area still there. Those wounds have never healed, and the whole world knows about our sins.

Race, ethnicity, and religions are the easiest ways to exploit/divide this country (and any other, just look around the globe) thanks to this nation’s founding colonizers. Our enemies now have a global platform to do it now (the internet) using propaganda. Look at how the Russians exploited social media and even tricked journalist/media outlets. Hell, a fake Black Lives Matters Movement page on Facebook created by an Australian (not of African descent I might add) even had over 700,000 people liking, reading posts, and DONATING. It’s too easy! Why on earth would an Australian want to set up a fake Facebook page to collect the information and thoughts of Black people in America? Facebook didn’t do anything about it until a freelance investigative journalist gave CNN the scoop. Keep in mind CNN is a major new org with the resources and capacity to do the same type of investigations, they just don’t. Why is that?

Many sites tied to racism, social justice, and civil rights were created by Russian trolls on Facebook since Trayvon Martin’s death. It’s demoralization at it’s finest by one of the world’s foremost experts in psychological warfare.

Unfortunately, the citizenry are too busy scrapping for small groups, their households, and individualism, we don’t recognize we didn’t realize we were being exploited by nearly every institution this nation has. Now we really have a problem with foreign entities! Just look at Washington and the most lying leader this nation has ever seen.

It’s not by accident. It’s by design. It’s psychological warfare, and many of our elected officials are willingly participating in our demises. America is used to practicing psychological warfare on itself and its people, but it’s not accustomed to having it done to them by others.

The bottom line is BLM has been hijacked, and our famous BLM mouthpieces have nothing to say about it, they offer us no practical advice on how to protect ourselves, nor do they take responsibility for not setting up a strong vehicle (legally organizing then formally mobilizing) in order to prevent this exploitation and demoralization from happening. We Black folks must do our own due diligence to ensure Black issues, Black problems, and Black plights, and the historic issues of race relations with Blacks in America aren’t being hijacked and exploited by people outside of America who don’t give a rat’s ass about us! If not, we are simply old slaves, and new fools.

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