Hi Sarah,

I come from a different era, so I disapprove of Whites using the word, even if it’s used in music or if their little friends give them the okay. Today’s kids lack historical context on the word. There is no teaching at home, none at schools, and the music industry just allows the music to be disrespectful for public consumption. There is so much more than cultural appropriation going on here. I dislike the word has been so widely distributed that it’s mainstream. It’s a norm now.

I really dislike cultural appropriation America. America has no real culture, everything is appropriated or misappropriated. Yoga, Chai Tea, Macaroni and Cheese, Cinco de Mayo, pizza, pasta, beer, Thanksgiving…we are just a ball of a mess thanks to White people taking cultures, languages, and making them mainstream with no really appreciation or connection for them. Everything concerning culture is tied to capitalism, a party, or a holiday.

As far as the N-word. We (Blacks) should not use it although I understand the meaning behind it. Using it in music gives White people a license to use it again. Any White person with common and decency shouldn’t want to use it if they understood the history. When people don’t know the history or respect the people, they have no problems being disrespectful. Saying it or being allowed to say it around Black people is bad on all involved.

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