Hi Saroosh and thanks for clearing that Republican vs Republican lite up. There are absolutely some Republicans who could never vote for anything other than a Republican. but there are some White men/couples (i.e. high ranking military officials, people in intel) who take their oaths seriously and would vote for a Democratic president in this instance to keep Trump from killing us all IF that person was: (1) a man, (2) if that man wasn’t promising to raise their taxes, give away free stuff, or wipe away debt (bootstrap mentality here), and (3) the candidate represented/maintained the status quo. Those men and women are closeted, but they are out there.

It’s a shame a more progressive candidate can’t break through, but at the end of the day, everything is tied to White Supremacy. People just aren’t able or willing to convey the truth of the matter. Bernie voters are learning what Black voters already know, getting change and a more level playing field is hard, not because Black and Brown people don’t want change (we do, desperately), but because White people, both conservatives and liberals, will work diligently to prevent changes to their statuses by any means necessary.

I feel so sorry for my grandchildren.

Thank you for sharing your experience and clarifying my statement.

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