Hi Sharon,

Thanks for chiming in on the discussion and adding personal experiences to our never list of Black conundrums. Like you I have no choice. I must identify as Black because in America and throughout the world that’s where I fall in the social order. Skin trumps any and everything. For biracial people, it’s so different and until the last 10 years or so, I never gave it any thought. It never impacted my life, but when my son started dating interracially it all it home at once. Plus we lived in po dunk that was very punitive when it came to interracial relationships. No momma signs up to send their child from the frying pan into the fire. So I had to learn.

I dislike Black people (and anyone mixed with Black biracially) are the only people who aren’t allowed to claim certain parts of their lineage. I also dislike Whiteness forces you to disown your Black if you’re biracial, especially when the mother is White. My heart goes out to biracial children because they never really have the opportunity to dive into all of their lineages. Black is a default. For the most part we try to love and accept everybody because we know how it feels to be mistreated, neglected and left out.

It seems to me while biracial people may have challenges even in the Black community, we are more accepting. I also think raising biracial kids as Black prepares them for racism. You need boot camp and military service to deal with the hate we endure. I think Black people know this better than anyone. I would love to hear your experiences and how you and your daughter decided Black would be her racial identity.

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